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College of Nursing & Health Sciences, Flinders Uni

Information and Resources

Information and resources for those with an interest in the use of information and communication technologies to improve healthcare delivery, individuals’ lives and communities.

Digital Health and the COVID-19 pandemic

Different information communication technologies have been used to enable healthcare delivery, communication and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find below useful digital resources.


Telehealth guidance

Decision making support services

Client communication and Information services

Digital Mental Health Support for COVID-19 crisis

Tools for self-care during physical isolation

Online learning and information for providers

Keeping up with evidence related to COVID-19

Tracking COVID-19




Telehealth guidance

  • Telehealth Hub [website with tools to integrate and expand telehealth systems] (Digital Health CRC)

Decision making support services

Client Communication and Education

Digital Mental Health Support for COVID-19 crisis

Tools for self-care during physical isolation

Online learning/information for providers

Keeping up with evidence related to COVID-19

Tracking COVID-19


Useful websites in Digital Health

  • Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) [website]- Online resource supporting the digital health professionals across research capacity, project management capability, clinical experience, entrepreneurial skills and decades of health informatics knowledge
  • Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre (DHCRC) [website] - Australian resource providing information on the role of the Commonwealth funded DHCRC in encouraging rapid digitisation of health services and supporting clinical staff to develop technological skills
  • Flinders Digital Health Research Centre [website] - Flinders Digital Health Research Centre (FDHRC) is a newly formed multidisciplinary research group supporting digital health and health technology research encouraging collaboration within Flinders and their partners
  • University of San Diego The Best Health Informatics Websites and Blogs to read and follow [webpage] - provides a list of highly recommended online resources that can support researchers to improve there knowledge by accessing current communications in digital health
  • Pulse+IT (ehealth and Health IT Magazine) [online publication website] - Online publication assisting healthcare providers to better understand technology in practice. Pulse+IT provides access to to an interactive website, eNewsletters and networking through social media channels
  • One You [website] - Website of the Public Health England with lists of apps and tools with free download to help consumers keep control of their physical and mental health
  •  CBC Digi-Hub  [website] - Website of the Centre of Behaviour Change of the University College of London with events and publications in Digital behaviour change

Blogs in Digital Health

There are many different sources of quality online blogs available for Digital Health researchers to access, the list below provides a selection that could help to build your knowledge:

Care Informatics and Technologies Videos

Researchers in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences in Flinders University have been developing projects to improve lives of individuals, communities and the health system. In the videos below they tell us how different technologies enabled and facilitated them approaching identified health needs and research questions.



The ELDAC project – End of life directions for aged care

Professor Jennifer Tieman


Palliative care Telehealth project

Dr Deidre Morgan




AVATAR project

Professor Robyn Clark


Flinders Assistant for Memory Enhancement (FAME)

Dr Lua Perimal-Lewis




iSupport for Dementia project

Dr Lily Xiao 


Digital Inclusion project

Associate Professor Pammi Raghavendra 





CIT workshop materials


Care and Informatics Technology Project team has developed a reference document prepared for the  ‘Digital Health’ focus to health research: why it matters to ECRs? workshop held in September 2019.

Useful references and resources for Digital Health research (713kb PDF) details of references and resources that might be useful for those with little or no experience in research in Digital Health.
Topics include:

  • Research methods / study designs
  • Design / development of Digital Health interventions
  • Evaluation of Digital Health interventions
  • Implementation of Digital Health interventions
  • Ethics and regulation

Other useful resources




 Page updated on 24th June 2020