College of Nursing & Health Sciences, Flinders Uni

CFI KT Space

The Caring Futures Institute Knowledge Translation Space (CFI KT Space) is an initiative established by the CFI Knowledge Translation Enabling Theme, to operationalise KT in the CFI by building and reinforcing existing infrastructure and support mechanism. The CFI KT Space will provide a range of KT Events, Education and Resources with the aim of increasing capacity and engagement in KT process and activities, encourage and support impactful research, collaboration and networking and advance the dissemination of the high quality research undertaken across the College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) and the CFI.

This is a space where you can engage with KT regardless of where you are in your professional, academic or educational career. The CFI KT Space is hosted by the CFI and facilitated through the KT Team. We want to:

  • Create a shared language and vision around KT;
  • Facilitate groups with high potential for high impact research;
  • Facilitate networks with national and international leaders in KT;
  • Increase relevance and accessibility of KT across the CFI and College;
  • Establish Flinders University as a world class leader in KT;
  • Increase impact and engagement; and
  • Develop and distribute events, education and resources to advance KT outputs and activities.


There are a range of events, educational opportunities and resources that will be available through the KT Toolbox. We will host a range of formal and informal events to build knowledge, skills, and capacity in knowledge Translation and to enhance collaboration and relationships across the College and CFI. 


We look forward to introducing KT Conversations, the KT Seminar Series and hosting a range of informal KT Drop-in practical sessions. You will also be able to register for upcoming KT workshops that can be tailored to your research and research team.


We can provide support around: KT Planning for Grants; KT Project Planning; KT activities for impact and dissemination; and Implementation and Facilitation Activities. Please send us an email at or get in touch via the Contact Us page to find out more information.