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External Learning Opportunities


Developing your skills, knowing research processes and identifying opportunities


There are resources from many different institutions, organisations and publications that can help you to improve your research skills, enhance collaborations or increase your chances of securing that grant. We have identified some relevant and useful resources from Australian and international sources in the areas of:

If you are a Flinders University staff member, you may like to view the research education courses in the Staff Development Opportunities of the Flinders University website.


Education – Online Learning and Activities

  • Association of Commonwealth Universities (UK) [website] - STARS Online Modules are research management and administration modules focussing on practical, cost-effective and sustainable approach to undertaking research in higher education
  • Griffith University [website] - Information on Research and Publishing for higher degree students at Griffith University
  • National Health and Medicine Research Centre (NHMRC) [website] - eLearning Modules with activities to build your skills to undertake clinical trials research
  • Praxis Australia [website] - Research competency workshops and activities including research design, ethics, research/data management and research dissemination
  • Research Impact Academy [website] - Workshops to develop skills on measuring impact of your research
  • University of South Australia [website] - Evidence-Based Practice elearning resource provides access to modules and resources developed by International Centre for Allied Health Evidence (iCAHE)

Intellectual Property and Research


Partnering with Industry


Research Funding and Management

  • Carpenter, S. [Online article] - Finding industry funding (14 March 2008) published in Science Magazine by the American Association for the Advancement of Science [accessed 9 December 2019]
  • Excellence in Research for Australia [website]
  • Latrobe University [website] - Frequently Asked Questions about applying for research project funding
  • Lock, H. [Online article] - How to apply for research funding: 10 Tips for Academics (10 May 2015) published in The Guardian [accessed 9 December 2019]
  • US National Institutes for Health (NIH) [website] - About Grants section of the NIH website provides information and resources on the complete process of writing grant applications from getting started to review and award stages. Many different types of resources are available including podcasts and YouTube videos on research methods, communication and research value and impact.
  • University of North Carolina [website] - The Writing Center has developed Grant Proposals (or Give me the money!) guide with tips and tools for writing successful grant proposals

Research Skill Development

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