College of Nursing & Health Sciences, Flinders Uni

Introduction to Evidence




Research evidence is a very important part of contemporary health practice. Research provides evidence of treatments and practices that are effective and deliver benefits to the person, the health system and the community.




There are different types of research studies used to address different questions.
For example:

  • We might conduct a survey of our community to understand what health problems they have.
  • We may carry out a clinical trial to understand whether a new treatment or drug is better than the existing practice.
  • We may undertake studies where we observe how people manage their illness or interview them to understand their views and perspectives.
  • We make seek evidence on the cost effectiveness of different treatments or of the best ways to introduce changes in health care. We may also review the available research studies to assess what the weight of all the evidence is.

The Evidence Centre provides information on evidence-based practice as well as information on how to find evidence. We have compiled a list of systematic reviews that have been prepared by staff in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and built a specific one click search filter especially for nursing and health sciences researchers to find evidence within PubMed.



 Page updated 23 December 2019