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URC Modules

This collection of short modules provides College of Nursing and Health Sciences staff and HDR students information to assist the understanding of research and processes, how to apply for funding and the importance of establishing or maintaining collaborative research relationships.

Module 1


Research capital

In this module, we explain what research capital is and why building it is important



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Module 2


Research basics

This module explains research processes and methods used including how Government evaluates and rates its universities


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Module 3


HDR students - Getting started

This module explores where to start when you are a new higher research degree (HDR) student


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Module 4


Research funding sources

In this module, we look at where the money for academic research comes from



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Module 5


Partnering with industry

This module investigates what are the benefits of partnering with industry and how to build and formalise these relationships


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Module 6


Asking for research funding

In this module, we discuss opportunities that asking for research funding can bring and how to get started


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Module 7


Research contracts

This module outlines what a research contract is, why we need them and who can authorise these on behalf of the university


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Additional resources to further support the information found within these modules are available, you can access the URC Learning Modules Resources PDF (123kb PDF ) providing links to Flinders University and other external organisations.


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