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If you are not sure of what’s involved in partnership research, you are not alone. There are many options that can be considered.


They include:

  • Consultancies or contract research where university researchers will work with businesses or organisations to address a particular organisational or service need
  • Student placements and projects or internships where students may be hosted within an organisation
  • Research higher degree projects where students are funded to work on specific industry issues
  • Joint research projects where industry partners with university staff to carry out a study

These videos provide information and insights into different aspects of research interactions and how to form successful partnerships.





Professor Sue Gordon

Chair of Restorative Care, College of Nursing and Health Sciences


Inspiring Health [YouTube Clip 4:40mins]


Associate Professor Stacey George

Occupational Therapy: Translation and Implementation, College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Promoting productive clinical and research collaboration [YouTube Clip 2:30mins]



Professor John Coveney

Health across the Life Course, College of Nursing and Health Sciences


Supporting Higher Degree Research Students [YouTube Clip 5:18mins]


Associate Professor Rebecca Golley

Research, College of Nursing and Health Sciences


VEGKit - boosting children's vegetable intake [YouTube Clip 3:25mins]



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